Wood Barrels Plastic Barrel 15-55 Gallon Storage

Wood and plastic barrels make convenient storage tools. Wood and plastic barrels can hold all types of foods, liquids and supplies. You can use wood and plastic barrels for long-term storage needs. Wood and plastic barrels are great for storing feed, bark, dirt, sand and other materials.

Like our other barrels wood and plastic barrels provides storage for clothing, tools and other types of supplies. They’re stackable and can put inside storage facilities. We have plastic barrels ranging from 15-55 gallons. And wood barrels from 52-55 gallons. Visit us for quality wood and plastic barrels.

  • Convenient and Easy Storage
  • Store Food, Liquids and Clothing
  • Available in 15-55 Gallons
  • Plastic and Wood Barrels
  • Residential, Commercial or Industrial Use