Cedar Play Chips Playgrounds Landscaping

Does your landscaping project include swing sets or play areas? Cedar play chips are a safe and affordable option for landscaping projects. Playgrounds need to have a safe base. Cedar play chips can cushion a fall and offer a durable surface for running and playing. They also help your playgrounds to absorb moisture, cutting down on slips and falls.

Cedar play chips are a natural deterrent to insects. They’re useful for dog runs, walkways and big yards. And cedar play chips provide a clear path for private trails. It gives your landscaping project a fresh wood look. Our cedar play chips are light colored for aesthetic value. Contact us for high quality cedar play chips for your next landscaping project.

  • Provides Safe and Reliable Footing
  • Provides a Fresh Wood Look
  • Available in Any Volume
  • Natural Deterrent to Insects
  • Flower Beds, Playgrounds, Big Yards and More
  • Improves Look of Landscaping Projects
  • Residential or Commercial Landscaping Projects