Concrete Blocks Retaining Walls


Blocks are a fast and strong way to build retaining walls. Blocks can be stacked to create retaining walls for gardens, space for lawns and for other landscaping uses. We carry a large selection of concrete blocks. Our blocks are used by homeowners and landscaping companies. These blocks will complete small and large landscaping jobs.

Blocks will give your garden, lawn or other structure a manicured look. It can be used to section off parts of residential and commercial properties. Don’t waste time searching for affordable and useable blocks. Visit River Road Landscaping and Supplies today.

  • Stackable Concrete Blocks
  • Stackable Stones
  • Build Retaining Walls
  • Low and High Retaining Walls
  • Gives you a Decorative Finish
  • Retains Water Run-Off
  • Provides Secure Borders
  • Small (4 x 12)
  • Medium (6 x 16)
  • Jumbo (8 x 18)