Barrels Landscape Supplies


Barrels have more uses than ever. Barrels are convenient for storing food, tools, clothing and other materials. Farmers use barrels to store feed for their livestock. Campers use barrels for food and supply storage. When you need barrels for convenient storage, choose River Road Landscaping and Supplies.

At River Road Landscaping and Supplies we carry a large selection of food-grade barrels.You can use them to store food, water, clothing or rain water. They’ll protect your supplies from rodents, insects and weather conditions. Use our barrels over and over again for your needs. We offer food-grade barrels in a variety of sizes.Barrels

  • Small 15 Gallon Barrels
  • Large 52-55 Gallon Barrels
  • Drum Barrels
  • Old Wine Barrels
  • Screw Cap Openings
  • Food, Water and Clothing Storage
  • Protects Supplies from Insects, Rodents and Weather
  • Use for Planter Boxes or Tables
  • Farm, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Use