White Pumice Rock  Flower Baskets Pea Gravel

White pumice rock offers a nice touch to any landscaping project. White pumice rock can provide a surface for pathways, walkways, driveways and border gardens. You can use white pumice rock for your construction and landscaping purposes. Did you know you save money using pumice rock? Pumice rock is cheaper than most other types of rock.

Here’s another benefit of white or red pumice rock. They both smooth concrete and are resistant to tough weather. White pumice rock will give your cement a polished look. We carry high quality white pumice rock. White pumice rock can be used in flower boxes, planter boxes and hanging baskets. You can buy them by the bucket or box full. Mix yourself or we’ll mix it for you.  Don't forget we also are a huge supplier of Pea Gravel in both King and Pierce Counties!

  • Available in Pea Gravel Size
  • Sizes Include 1/4 to 3/8
  • Gives your Landscape a White Look
  • Makes Light Weight Mixed Topsoil
  • Available in Bulk as a Potting Soil
    Mix with Other Ingredients