Cedar Fencing  Landscaping Materials

Cedar fencing will give your garden, walkway or border a nice finish. Cedar fencing is easy to install and handle. Cedar fencing can be used for a variety of landscaping projects. Landscaping projects include gazebos, gardens and decking. Cedar fencing can serve as a border to walkways and pathways.

We offer miscellaneous cedar fencing. You can buy it for $50 a bundle. It’s available in lengths of 4-6 feet and 3 feet wide. We have cedar fencing for the busy hobbyist. Use it to build birdhouses, dog houses and more. Cedar fencing will give your landscaping project a rustic and natural look. Visit River Road Landscaping and Supplies for your cedar fencing needs.

  • Compliments Any Type of Design
  • Easy to Install and Handle
  • Accepts a Wide Range of Finishes
  • Resists Moisture for a Longer Lasting Fence
  • Provides an Authentic Rustic Look